Wastecorp Rub-R-Plas® and Landfill Plastics

Over the past 5 years, extensive product research and development has enabled Wastecorp to help resolve the disposal of two major waste plastics that were destined for landfill: thermoset urethane and contaminated L.D.P.E (low-density polyethylene blown film), coupled with our established Rub-R-Plas patented process, gives Wastecorp the unique position of being one of the few companies that has achieved this end: to recycle PC/PI plastics and rubber. Wastecorp is working with auto manufacturers and producers of plastics in joint ventures to create a superior, revolutionary product.

The pellets you see here are used to create popular consumer products like ice scrappers, paint brush handles, signage, containers and industrial goods. Wastecorp is also developing Rub-R-Plas components for our pump products such as safety
guards, connections and more. These pump components are in testing trials for durability and strength. In the latest stage, Rub-R-Plas durability exceeds those of the virgin plastics used originally.

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