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Circulation pump for buildings, hotels and offices Pressure boosted pumps
Turbo Flow in-line circulation pumps utilize the latest technology for a wide range of HVAC water system applications, fire protection and other industrial applications. The WIS Series is available in horizontal or vertical in-line mounting configurations with optional vibration mount isolators.

Turbo Flow WIS™ Series Pump Specifications

Technical Data
(50 HZ Motors) (60 HZ Motors)
Max. Capacity Up to 2,400 m3/hr Up to 12,000 GPM
Max. Head Up to 160 m Up to 750 ft
Up to 120 ºc Up to 248 ºF
Up to 500 mm Up to 20 inches
Max. Motor/
Up to 250 KW Up to 500 HP



Turbo Flow WIS™ Series Pump Brochure

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Circulation/booster pumps:
  WIS In-line circulation product line
Brochure (PDF)

Turbo Flow WIS™ Series Pump Video


Turbo Flow WIS™ Series Capabilities

WIS Series
Fluid Transfer Characteristics
WES Water or other liquids with
similar physical characteristics.

Temp. under 80 ºc or 176 ºF. Wide
density range of 0.6 - 1.3 S.G.

WIS-H Hot water pump temp.
under 120 ºc or 248 ºF
WIS-C Chemical pump temp. under 120 ºc
or 248
WIS-XPO Explosion-proof oil pump (non-
corrosive) temp. under 120 ºc or 248 ºf
WIS XPC Explosion-proof chemical pump temp
under 120
°c or 248 °f