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End suction centrifugal pump End suction pump

Turbo Flow end suction centrifugal pumps utilize premium comp-
onents and the latest technology for use in a wide range of industrial and public works applications. Select from either vertical or horizontal discharge mount configurations and engine or electric drives.

The WES Series features an independent bearing housing and flexible coupling for units ranging from 100 HP (75K W) to
1000 HP (745 KW).

Turbo Flow WES™ Series Product Range

WIS Series
Fluid Transfer Characteristics
WES Water or other liquids with
similar physical characteristics.

Temp. under 80 ºc or 176 ºF. Wide
density range of 0.6 - 1.3 S.G.

WIS-H Hot water pump temp.
under 120 ºc or 248 ºF
WIS-C Chemical pump temp. under 120 ºc
or 248
WIS-XPO Explosion-proof oil pump (non-
corrosive) temp. under 120 ºc or 248 ºf
WIS XPC Explosion-proof chemical pump temp
under 120
°c or 248 °f



Turbo Flow WES™ Series Features


  • Horizontal or vertical discharge configurations available
  • Engine or electric drives
  • Back pull-out design for easy maintenance
  • Bronze or stainless steel shaft sleeves available
  • Mechanical seals available for a variety of temperatures and fluid handling applications


Turbo Flow WES™ Series Applications

Irrigation Golf course and resort irrigation systems, crop management and more.
General Water HVAC circulation, water booster, boiler feed, water circulation.
Agriculture/ food/ beverage Water transfer, food processing, beverage processing, fertilizer distribution and more.
Industry Pulp and paper fans, plastic & rubber, metal & steel, pharmaceutical, paper mills, air wash, marine ballast service.
Fire/ Disaster Relief Fire fighting pumps, fire protection, flood control, disaster relief, federal/military.
Utilities: Water/ Wastewater Power Generation stations, dewatering, desalinization, energy recovery turbines.
Chemical/ Mining Chemical plants, refineries, petroleum distribution , coal sites, ethylene glycol pumping.

Turbo Flow WES™ Series Pump Literature

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WES Brochure
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Turbo Flow ™ Series Performance Range