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Multistage Pumps

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  • Max. head: 817 Ft. (122 m)
  • Max. pressure: 200 PSI (1379 kPa)
  • Max. Motor Power: 4,635 HP (3,456 kW)

High volume multistage pumps

Pump up to 61,394 GPM

WSD Series Single Stage Medium Duty

Turbo Flow Multistage Pump Series

  The Wastecorp Turbo Flow WSD Series Multi-stage axially split double suction pump product line is designed for pumping applications with high total discharge head (TDH) characteristics.

Turbo-Flow multi-stage pumps are specified for mine dewatering services, pipeline, refinery, oil production, power generation and much more.
With a double volute design, precision impellers and a design that facilitates easy maintenance, Turbo Flow multi-stage pumps can help you lower operating costs and provide years of trouble-free operation.


Turbo Flow




Turbo Flow Multistage General CAD

Sample Drawing Multistage pumps


Turbo Flow Multistag

Turbo Flow Multistage General Performance Curve

Multi-stage pump performance chart