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Split case pump installation Horizontal, single stage split case pumps

Turbo Flow split case are available in single stage or multi-stage configurations. Select from either horizontal or vertical mount configurations and electric or engine drives. The split case series offers a wide variety of pump casing, impeller, packing and mechanical seal options. Experience low life cycle costs, higher efficiencies and less downtime with the WSD Series than comparable brands.

Turbo Flow WSD™ Series Product Range

Single Stage  
  WSD-300-800 Series WSD 300-800
  • Medium Capacity
  • 790-8,700 GPM

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  •   Split Case Serie 1000-1600 WSD 1000-1600
  • Heavy Duty Capacity
  • 8,665 GPM- 21,700 GPM

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      Severe Duty Horizontal double suction split case pumps WSD 2000-3200
  • Severe Duty Capacity
  • 21,842 GPM- 62,000 GPM

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  • Multi-stage  
      Multi-stage horizontal split case pumps WSD Series Multi-stage Split Case Pumps

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    Turbo Flow WSD™ Series Materials of Construction


      General Materials of Construction
    Volute Casing A 48 class 35
    Upper A536 class 604018
    Volute Casing A 48 class 30
    Lower A536 class 604018
    Shaft SAE 1045
    AISI 420
    Impeller B584-90500
    A743 CA6NM
    Shaft Protective sleeve AISI 420
    Casing Wear Ring B584-90500
    Impeller Wear Ring B584-90500
    A743 CF8M


    Turbo Flow WSD™ Series Applications

    Plumbing Applications
    General Water Supply Circulation of HVAC building systems,
    water booster service , boiler feed,
    general circulation service and more.
    Agriculture/ Food/ Beverage Irrigation, water supply, food
    processing, beverage processing,
    Manufacturing Pulp and paper fans, plastic & rubber,
    metal & steel, pharmaceutical, paper
    mills, air wash, marine ballast service.
    Fire/ Disaster Relief Fire pumps, fire protection, flood
    control, disaster relief, federal/military.
    Utilities: Water/ Wastewater Power Generation stations, dewatering,
    desalination, energy recovery turbines.
    Chemical/ Mining Chemical plants, refineries, petroleum
    distribution , coal sites, ethylene
    glycol pumping.

    Turbo Flow WSD™ Series Pump Literature

    The WSD Series brochure highlights key facts about Turbo Flow Split Case pumps. For a detailed quotation contact Wastecorp's Turbo Flow division.

    Horizontal, single stage, double suction split case pump brochure
    Download the WSD Series brochure


    Turbo Flow WSD™ Series Performance Range

    Technical Data
    (50 HZ Motors) (60 HZ Motors)
    Max. Capacity Up to 11,600 m3/hr Up to 61,000 GPM
    Max. Head Up to 200 m Up to 800 ft.
    Max. Working
    Up to 25 bar Up to 360 psi
    Up to 105 °c Up to 221 °F
    Up to 800mm Up to 32 inches
    Max. Motor/
    Up to 3,500 KW Up to 4,000 HP