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Vertical in-line sewage pumps Heavy duty ductile iron pumpp

Turbo Flow WSL Series dry pit vertical sewage pumps utilize the latest technology for a wide range of storm water, sewage, industrial wastes and dry dock applications.

Turbo Flow WSL™ Series Product Range

Technical Data
(50 HZ Motors) (60 HZ Motors)
Max. capacity Up to 11,000 m3/hr Up to 12,680 GPM
Max. head Up to 60 m Up to 750 ft
Max. temperatures Up to 80 °c Up to 175 °F
Max. connection Size Up to 900 mm Up to 36 inches
Max. motor/power Up to 710 KW Up to 1,000 HP



Turbo Flow WSL™ Series Features


  • Hydraulic balance design
  • Easy, low cost maintenance program
  • High efficiency mixed flow impeller
  • Side discharge Flexible config-urations, motor mounts and connection orientation
  • Mechanical seal assembly
  • Protective shaft sleeve

    Turbo Flow WSL™ Series Applications

    Plumbing Applications
    General Water Supply Circulation water systems
    Agriculture/ Food/ Beverage Irrigation, water supply, food processing,
    beverage processing, fertilizers, ash and dregs.
    Manufacturing Pulp and paper fan pumps, plastic & rubber,
    paper mills, air wash, marine ballast service.
    Utilities: Water/ Wastewater Storm water, sewage and slurry.
    Chemical/ Mining Chemical plants, refineries, petroleum
    distribution , coal sites, methane pumping.

    Turbo Flow WSL™ Series Pump Literature

    WSL™ Series - Vertical Sewage pump brochure Brochure (PDF)


    Turbo Flow ™ Series Performance Range