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  • Advanced disc pumps
  • Simple disc pump design
  • Disc Pump Elastomer
  • Disc pump pressure sensor

No Regular Maintenance Required.

Sludge Pro Disc Pumps enhance your productivity by reducing the amount of time your facility spends on pump maintenance. There is no regular maintenance required and the pump is designed to make repairs quick and simple.

  rugged pumps that don't leagk

rugged pumps that don't leagk


Sectionalized Construction

The Sludge Pro is everything you love about Wastecorp pump products. Let's face it, at some point every pump requires repair. The key is to make it as easy as possible to service. The sectionalized construction of Sludge Pro Disc Pumps allows easy access to the area in need of repair so you can get back in business quickly.

Rugged Ball Valve Design

When your facility experiences higher than normal levels of solids grit or raw sewage, your pump had better have the capability to adjust to it. Sludge Pro Disc Pumps think ahead with heavy duty ball valves designed to pump the tough stuff. Better yet, they are available in Teflon and Urethane depending on your needs.

  rugged pumps that don't leagk

ball valve

ball valve

Pump Protection
Optional pressure sensors can help you detect blockages in the line or a closed valve in the system. Find trouble before it happens.

Trunnion Options
Over five options to select from. Options include Viton, Teflon, Santoprene Buna-N, Nordel and more.


  ball valve

ball valve


Drive Options
Select from standard electric, belt driven, hydraulic, pneumatic or engine driven systems. You'll get the drive designed for your application.

Single or Double Disc Options
Other disc pump companies only offer double disc pumps. Wastecorp's Sludge Pro takes the technology one step further. We offer single or double models so you get exactly what you need.