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Double Disc Pump Case Studies

  Wastewater Double Disc Pumps
Pumping wastewater at landfills is no easy task. High volume landfills don't have time to be messing around with clacks or removing a swan neck. They are productivity killers. That's why Wastecorp manufactures more robust double disc pumps with ball check technology - proven in the marketplace for over 75 years.
Adobe pdf documentSee Waste Management's New Sludge Pro Double Disc Pump Case Study
  Tanker Transfer Pumps
When oil refineries need to pump crude oil from storage tank-to-storage tank, proven pump designs are extremely helpful in contributing to long term productivity. Pumping crude oil is no easy task. The equipment must have robust internals to handle the variety of liquids both in density and viscocity.
Adobe pdf documentLearn more about how Aaron Oil uses Sludge Pro double disc pumps for their heavy duty tanker transfer needs.
  Crude Oil Pumping Options
In a major milestone for double disc pump technology, an engine driven double disc pump is now available. Both municipal and industrial slurry and solids pumping applications can take the Sludge Pro double disc pump from site-to-site. Better yet, you now have the option of check ball technology to manage the tough stuff versus a clack.
Adobe pdf documentLearn more about how McNallen Uses mobile double disc pump technology

HW-1000™ Series Reviews

Overall Rating 4/5

High Performance 5 Pump Quality 3
Rating for My Application 2 Innovative 5

Septic Pumping


Cut Off, LA
Septic Pumping
Average GPM:

Emptying portable toilets for State contract. Does a great job with minimal time need to service each unit.


Restaurant Waste Trap Grease Collection


Cupertino, CA
Biodiesel production
Average GPM:

Use our trailer mounted honey wagon unit for veggie oil collection. We need a longer hose to get inside the restaurant kitchen. Customer support should ask what length of hose is needed at order placement.


Liquid Fertilizer/Nurse Tank


Belton, SC
Septic Pumping
Average GPM:

We use this for fertilizing our watermelon fields. A great pump system.

HW-1000™ Series Optional Configurations

HW-1000™ Stainless

Stainless Steel Tank

Equipped with your choice of stainless steel or steel tank systems.

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HW-1000™ Skid

Skid Mounted Model

Mount the HW-300 on docks, truck beds, concrete pads or asphalt.

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HW-1000™ Storage Bins

Custom Designed Storage

Store hoses and accessories in two hose bins mounted directly on the fenders.
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HW-1000™ Series Video


HW-1000™ Series Features

Waste collection pump out
Skid mounted high volume

Double Disc Pumps - Backed By a Pump Company Representing Over 18,000 Pump Installations Worldwide

Double disc pumps have become a lot more exciting with the launch of the Sludge Pro brand of double disc pumps. You now have the option of electric or exclusive engine driven models for various applications including municipal wastewater transfer, crude oil pumping, landfill wastewater pumping and much more. Wastecorp is a pump company representing over 18,000 installations worldwide with a team of pump experts that design, engineer and manufacture your double disc pumps in North America