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The Sludge Pro double disc pump product line from Wastecorp offers you an entirely new way to think about a low maintenance, easy-to-maintain double disc pump. You get to choose from clack valve or ball valve designs depending on your fluid handling requirements. You can also get the first double disc pump designed with a diesel engine mounted on wheels to move around your facility.


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how a double diaphragm pump works

clack- wastewater handling
Wastecorp Sludge Pro clacks take an entirely new and innovative approach to the design of the clack in double disc pumps. The biggest difference is: this one isn't flimsy and reduces the chance for anything to get caught in the valve.


check ball - abrasives handling
Wastecorp is the first double disc pump manufacturer to offer a check ball option on the suction and discharge. This helps to better manage slurry, abrasives and stringy material. Forget about finding this on the red kind of double disc pump.

it just flows better
The Wastecorp Sludge Pro double disc pump offers a unique patented contoured velocity channel that just help wastewater and sludge to flow better. Sewage is less likely to make contact with the trunnion and improves wear life of the disc and trunnions

tier 4 compliant diesels
Who says a double disc pump can't be mounted on wheels? Wastecorp is the first double disc pump manufacturer to offer tier 4 compliant engines on its moblle line up of double disc pumps.




Behold the dawn of a new age of mobile double disc pumps. The
Sludge Pro M-Series is available with any series of Sludge Pro that
we manufacture.

You select from either single axle or tandem axle trailers and smart
options like electric brakes and government approved lighting

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The first reaction from many people when they first saw the new Sludge Pro mobile double disc pump, is "I gotta get one of these for my facility". The Sludge Pro is so easy to maintain and includes the latest pump innovations like Tier 4 compliant engines, energy efficient gear boxes and so much more to help you pump productively. Simple design, simple to maintain, simply remarkable.

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