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Compare Sludge Pro Double Disc Pumps
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The Sludge Pro® double disc pump is available to wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities for a free trial. Put it to the test and we’re confident you will want to keep it for all of your fluid handling needs. Our engineers will recommend the correct Sludge Pro disc pump for your application and you are in business.

Contact Wastecorp Pumps today to arrange your free trial and learn about program details.
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Sludge Pro® Disc Pumps
Penn Valley
  Low rpm speeds under 100 rpm, longer lasting parts.   High speeds of up to 500 rpm, causing faster wear of components.
  Easy access inspection cover.  
  • No inspection covers for internal access.
  Blockages can be removed thru access cover.   Pipe Elbow and pump body must be removed to access blockages.
  Disc and trunnion replacement without removal of piping.   Pipe Elbow, pump body and upper drive must be removed to access all trunnion and discs.
  Disc never contact pump body and fluid travels along contoured velocity channel keeping solids beyond reach of trunnion and disc  
  • Disc uses pump body as valve seat and is directly in flow path of solids which can puncture disc , causing sealing issues and pump failure.