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  • Advanced disc pumps
  • Simple disc pump design
  • Disc Pump Elastomer
  • Disc pump pressure sensor

Now You Don't Have to Compromise

We made Sludge Pro Disc Pumps because operators want a rugged sewage pump that doesn't leak and also provides
long term reliability.


  rugged pumps that don't leagk

Try the Sludge Pro Before You Buy it
Redefining the disc pump

Diaphragm pump front view

double disc pump engineering drawing


21 Years in The Making.
Wastecorp Pumps has designed, engineered and manufactured sewage pumps for over 21 years. We have visited hundreds of facilities listening to operators on what the next sewage pumps should look like. We came up with the Sludge Pro.

Leak Free = No Mess
The number one priority for most maintenance crews is to have a leak free design that keeps fluids inside the pump. Wastecorp's Sludge Pro delivers with a heavy duty cast iron design with minimal wetted sections.


Easy to Use

The Sludge Pro is easy-to-use with innovative features like a wet section access device. This allows maintenance crews to work within the wet section by simply cranking the upper body of the pump. Repairs are made quickly and easily.
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  rugged pumps that don't leagk