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  A Pump Design Like No Other.
The Mud Sucker 2B-M Series features an exclusive 2" ball valve to pump higher solids concentrations. With a heavy duty Honda engine, you can pump debris, personal sanitation waste, construction waste and more with your choice of a 1.5" or 2" connection.

Don't waste time fighting tough clogs. If a 2" pump is right for your application, you'll spend less time fighting tough waste and more time getting the job done. so compare models to see which is right for you.

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2B-M Configurations.
Do you require a gas or diesel powered engine? How about a mobility kit? Wastecorp offers both gas or diesel engines using the latest low emissions models from the industry's top manufacturers

- 3 hp Honda gas engine (GX 100 or equal)

- 4.6 hp Hatz diesel with electric start (or equal)

Pulsation Dampeners.
If your pump application involves higher than normal water content then consider ordering your pump with pulsation dampening air chambers. This feature reduces water hammer and improves overall performance when you transfer water.

  Diaphragm pump front view
Mud Sucker 2B-M pump model shown with optional wheel kit and pulsation dampening air chambers on the suction and discharge.

ball valve

ball valve

Exclusive Design.

The 2" ball valve design aids in crushing solids and enhances the transfer of thicker liquids like vegetable oil. Plus, it's easy to inspect and maintain the valve chamber.

Pump Up To 20 GPM.
With the 2B-M you can pump almost any kind of liquid with impressive 20 GPM results. Plus, select from electric, hydraulic or pneumatic models if needed.


ball valve

ball valve

Contoured Velocity Channel.

Transferring moderate solids with the 2B-M is aided by the Mud Sucker exclusive contoured velocity channel. This feature promotes a quicker flow of liquid to accelerate pump performance.


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