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HW-5000™ Series
Pump Out

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  • 5000-7000 gallon tanks available
  • Air brakes included on trailer systems
  • Severe duty frame and deck
  • Financing available

Featuring Mud Sucker Pump

Ultra High Capacity Honey Wagon System
5000 Gallon Pump Out Features
Shown: HW-5000 Series honey wagon waste pump out system. 5025 gallon tank with Mud Sucker 3FA Series diaphragm pump pump rated for up to 80 GPM and a back up Trash Flow trash pump.
For High Capacity Waste Containment Needs, The HW-5000 Delivers
The HW-5000 Series honey wagon waste containment systems is a high capacity waste pumping system. Designed by ISO 9001 certified pump manufacturer Wastecorp Pumps, you select from tank sizes ranging from 5000 gallons - 7000 gallons. Wastecorp also manufactures the pumps with a wide selection of Mud Sucker pump technology available. Please note, this system includes air brakes and your vehicle must be capable of towing at least 40,000 lbs.

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honey wagon feature
Easy-to-Use & Operate

Your waste containment pump system comes with hoses and quick connect fittings that are simple to operate. Plus you can customize with your choice of tool boxes, storage bins and dual pump systems.

5000 gallon pump out feature
Heavy Duty Deck and Frame

Heavy industrial pump equipment requires precise engineering and materials that can handle the workload. Wastecorp supplies the finest trailers in the business so you get the longevity and durability you expect.


HW-5000 Features


A growing list of  organizations have decided to own their own affordable waste containment system. These systems pump and contain almost any kind of fluid containing solids including septic waste, select industrial hazardous fluids removal of standing water and more. Wastecorp waste containment systems or designed for companies, government, NGO's and more with tank sizes ranging from 5000-7000 gallons