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Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump Case Studies

  Mining Pumps
Pumping at mines present a host of challenges such as the type of slurry being pumped, the percentage of solids and the presence of corrosive liquids. The Mud Sucker B Series diaphragm pump models with a valve chamber design overcomes the problems that plague most other pump makes - pumping multiple kinds of liquids. With the Mud Sucker, you get a pump that adapt to changing environments.
Adobe pdf documentPumping bauxite and clay based slurries is a tough job. The B Series helps Alcoa manage the challenge of pumping thicker slurries.

  Grease Trap Waste Pumping/Biodiesel
There has been an explosive growth in companies collecting waste oil, vegetable oil, grease trap waste and hydraulic oils to use in the production of biodiesel and other renewable fuels. Wastecorp offers a selection of pumping equipment and containment systems to transfer the slurry and solids inherent in these applications.
Adobe pdf documentLearn more about how Gotham Grease Recycling uses Mud Sucker pumps for restaurant waste trap grease pumping in New York City.

  Municipal Digester Sludge Pumps
When transferring digester sludge with flows below 200 GPM, the Mud Sucker 4B Series has introduced a cost effective alternative to double disc and rotary lobe pumps.
Adobe pdf documentRead how Wendover WPCP uses Mud Sucker Secondary Sludge Pumps.
  Public Utility Pump Applications
Wastewater treatment upgrades and expansions are increasing worldwide. With rising stresses on wastewater treatment infrastructure, finding the right pump equipment to specify can be a challenge.
Adobe pdf documentRead how Glastonbury, WPCF uses Wastecorp's municipal diaphragm pumps.

  Marina and Campground Pump Out
Marinas and campgrounds of all sizes have one thing in common - to maximize pump out performance without high maintenance costs or time consuming repairs. Whether it's a portable honey wagon gray/black water pump out, or a fixed marina pump station, Wastecorp Mud Suckers are available in over 50 models to suit your needs and budget.

Adobe pdf documentSee how Tern Harbor Marina used a Mud Sucker pump station to provide pump out services for their 100 + slip marina.

  Pumping Seafood Residuals
Seafood trawlers, crab boats and dock side processing operations have a tough task in pumping seafood viscera like fish guts, shells and ocean debris. Add the salt water environment into the mix and the pump must be designed to stand up to some harsh conditions.
Adobe pdf documentSee how a trawler fleet uses the Mud Sucker equipped with an Arcor epoxy to fight the elements.
  Locomotive Pump Outs
When most railway transit customers board their morning train, they probably don't realize how many hours go into servicing their morning ride. Wastecorp supplies railway maintenance companies with Mud Sucker pumps to transfer used hydraulic oil and septic waste quickly and cost effectively.
Adobe pdf documentRead about Amsted Rail's locomotive maintenance facility in PA and how the Mud Sucker helps crews keep locomitves moving.
  Industrial Adhesive Applications
Many industrial pump users are looking to save energy on their process equipment. One method of doing so is transitioning from AOD and AODD pumps to mechanical diaphragm pumps.
Adobe pdf documentDura-Fibre uses Mud Sucker professional diaphragm pumps as part of their process in the packaging industry. Learn more.
  Spill Response Pumps
The Mud Sucker pump brand is ideal as part of systems for oil spill mitigation products include separator skimmers, booms and barriers, offshore oil recovery products and OSR products.
Adobe pdf documentAquaguard Spill Solutions uses Mud Sucker pumps for their containment and recovery equipment. Learn more.
  Water/Paint Blasting Applications
With paint and water blasting fluid handling applications, a pump must be abale to handle gritty fluids, laden with paint chips, rubber, fine sand and even glass. The average pump can't handle these abrasives. The Mud Sucker may be able to help.
Adobe pdf documentSee how Waterblasting Technologies Inc. uses the Mud sucker for their wastewater handling needs.
  Waste Oil Based Slurries
When managing a waste oil pump operation of any size, the need for a long lasting pump that won't clog is a must. From local biodiesel collection companies to food processor's, the Mud Sucker is an ideal pump for oil transfer applications.

HW-1000™ Series Reviews

Overall Rating 4/5

High Performance 5 Pump Quality 3
Rating for My Application 2 Innovative 5

Septic Pumping


Cut Off, LA
Septic Pumping
Average GPM:

Emptying portable toilets for State contract. Does a great job with minimal time need to service each unit.


Restaurant Waste Trap Grease Collection


Cupertino, CA
Biodiesel production
Average GPM:

Use our trailer mounted honey wagon unit for veggie oil collection. We need a longer hose to get inside the restaurant kitchen. Customer support should ask what length of hose is needed at order placement.


Liquid Fertilizer/Nurse Tank


Belton, SC
Septic Pumping
Average GPM:

We use this for fertilizing our watermelon fields. A great pump system.

HW-1000™ Series Optional Configurations

HW-1000™ Stainless

Stainless Steel Tank

Equipped with your choice of stainless steel or steel tank systems.

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HW-1000™ Skid

Skid Mounted Model

Mount the HW-300 on docks, truck beds, concrete pads or asphalt.

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HW-1000™ Storage Bins

Custom Designed Storage

Store hoses and accessories in two hose bins mounted directly on the fenders.
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HW-1000™ Series Video


HW-1000™ Series Features

Waste collection pump out
Skid mounted high volume

Diaphragm Pumps Trusted by Government and Industry.

Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump customers report many benefits of using this pump technology across a wide a variety of applications. If your organization is seeking to improve fluid transfer productivity or looking to get started on a new pump project for your application, the Wastecorp Mud Sucker can help. Browse our case studies below to learn how small and large businesses and government have successfully implemented Mud Sucker pump technology for their applications.

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