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Starting with a heavy duty cast iron construction, the Mud Sucker DD-B Series offers high performance pumping of slurries and solids found in municipal and heavy industrial applications. With a specialized velocity channel to move tough fluids you won't find a tougher pump in its class.



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how a double diaphragm pump works

Professional Velocity channel
Pumping tougher slurries and solids like food processing waste, raw sewage and mining debris requires a heavy duty pump body to keep fluid moving and performance consistent.

The DD-B Series is a professional pump design, engineered for 24 hour operating cycles. Plus you can select from a wide variety of coatings and materials for your specific industry.


bullet proof shafts
The key to long term pump reliability and longevity is all in the design and engineering. Mud Sucker DD-B Series features shafts designed to withstand extreme work loads and pumping environments.

As part of the overall design of the DD-B Series, you'll experience less downtime and consistently better productivity

Engine Options
It only makes sense that a class leading severe duty pump should have the best drive system options available as well.

Wastecorp specifies gas engines by Honda and diesel engines by Yanmar, Kohler and Deutz. The advanced engines feature electric start options and several add on components like oil alert screens and more.

Solids Crushing Check Valves
The DD-B includes both a suction and a discharge valve chamber to keep your pump operating at peak performance no matter what.

The check balls make managing thicker slurries easier and transferring debris laden waste faster than ever before.




  • Pump up to 160 GPM with the 3" 3B-M-DD
    and 220 GPM (max) with the 4" 4B-M-DD
  • Transfer solids up to 1¾” or 50% by volume
  • Continuous Liquid Temperature up to140°F
  • Severe duty cast iron pump body and valve chambers

  • Up to 300' total discharge head horizontal
  • Up to 75' horizontal suction lift
  • The 3" model is available with 9 hp gas or diesel engines with electric start. The 4" model is available with 11HP; 3600RPM; electric start gas engines or 9HP; 3600RPM diesel engine

  • Trailer, stationary, trolley, waste containment or skid mounted models available
  • Santoprene diaphragms for advanced fluid handling applications
  • Select from five piping configurations for your application

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Do you need a trailer mounted pump system? Skid Mounted? How about a
proprietary pump design for your fleet trucks or application? The advantage
of working with Wastecorp is that we can design the right BM-DD for your
specific fluid handling environment. There isn't a design request
that we have not been able to accommodate, so call us to discuss
your needs.




If containing your waste for later disposal makes more sense for your application, Wastecorp now offers a containment system for your BM-DD Series. Select from 1000 gallon- 2500 gallon sizes. This system is popular for oil or chemical spill responses, pumping out septic tanks, or back-up sewage treatment services for industry and municipalities.

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