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2FA-HR™ Rotary Style
Hand Pump


Rotary Style Hand Pump

MSRP $1399.99


Sludge Sucker Hand Pump.
The Ultimate Rotary Style Hand Pump
The 2FA-HR Sludge Sucker uses rotary crank technology to simply and efficiently transfer liquid or sludge up to 25ft vertically. This rugged continuous duty pump is safe and easy to operate for most liquid transfer applications. To use the pump, you simply turn the rotary handle to enable the transfer of water, dirty water, oils and select chemicals.


Built Sludge Sucker Tough.

• 18GPM @ 60 strokes/minute capability
• 20’ Vertical or 75’ horizontal suction lift
• 30’ Vertical or 300’discharge head
• 1” dia. Or 50% by volume solids handling


Sludge Sucker Rotary Applications.
• Livestock water trough pumping
• Emergency Dewatering
• Grease waste transfer
• Emptying bilge holding tanks at dock side
• Boat yard utility pumping
• Waste drum pumping
• Tank cleaning