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Self Contained Marina Pump Out

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  • Select 1½ ” or 2" connection sizes
  • Steel base or E-Z transport package
  • All aluminum pump body

Designed for High Traffic Marinas


Marine Sanitation Systems

Marine pump out system featuring Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pumps.
Like No Other Marina Pump Out.
Wastecorp marine sanitation systems are designed, engineered and manufactured in North America. Wastecorp pump out systems feature exclusive Wastecorp Mud Sucker diaphragm pump technology what is Mud Sucker diaphragm pump technology. Our complete marine sanitation system features control panel, hose rack, enclosure, attachments hosing and of course the Mud Sucker pump out.
  marine snitation unit

Standard Pump Out
The standard pump out station features a Mud Sucker model 1.5FA-EC, molded solid fiberglass enclosure, stainless steel hinges, heavy duty hose stand and all sittings as shown below.

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Advanced Pump Out
Wastecorp's advanced marine sanitation systems feature an automated or non-automated hose reel and available motor variations such as DC, explosion proof, electric and engine driven.

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Marina Pump Out Features
The One and Only
Mud Sucker

The At the heart of your pump out process is your choice of pump. This determines how productively you pump out, how much maintenance you need and how long you can enjoy or investment.

With the Mud Sucker you get:

  • The only pump with a contoured velocity channel
  • Advanced materials of construction
  • Choice of drive systems

Accessories Included
Think of a busy pump out day at your marina. Having universal fittings included and ready to go will help you get more boats pumped out and leave you more time to manage the rest of your marina operation.
Premium Banjo fittings included Universal spill proof adapters included Crush proof hosing included Advanced check valve to prevent back flow

Control Panels

You have a selection of both powder coated and standard fabricated steel control stands with corrosion resistant primers. You can also select:

  • - Built in on +off switch
  • - Master key switch for security'
  • - Coin operated for self service marinas
  • - Remote controls-
  • - Pump out timers
  • - Stainless steel hose racks
  • Dual hose rack (two pump systems)

Optional Accessories
If you're buying a top notch marine sanitation system you should get top notch accessories. Wastecorp has partnered with the marine industry's top rated suppliers to offer you special discounts on custom engineered components for your Wastecorp Pump out system.
- Reel Craft® automated hose reels
- Reel Craft® manual hose reels
- Banjo® fittings Peristaltic pumps
- Vacuum pump systems Stainless steel holding tanks