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  • Select 1½ ” or 2" connection sizes
  • Steel base or E-Z transport package
  • All aluminum pump body

Manual Diaphragm Pumps

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The Ultimate Hand Pump.
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hand pump manufacturer
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Wastecorp manufactures the Sludge Sucker hand pump series for on-the-spot pumping of all types of wastewater and slurry jobs including grout pump applications, drain pumping, unclogging air conditioner drains and more. As part of the Mud Sucker diaphragm pump family, these hand pumps can be used as a portable standby unit or can be easily mounted to a truck bed, dock, deck or foundation.


Velocity Channel
The Sludge Sucker velocity channel features an engineering design to help tough fluid move through the pump body without clogging.

Custom Models for Fleets.
Wastecorp is a pump fleet supplier to public utilities and telecommunications companies and corporations. We can customize you Sludge Sucker hand pump fleet with dimensions and accessories that adapt to your specific conditions.


Mounting Options
Wastecorp offers several custom mounting options for farmers and ranchers using the manual diaphragm pump for livestock watering troughs and public works dewatering applications. Plus, with the Sludge Sucker's 360° flow direction change capabilities, you adjust the pump to suit your pump inlet and outlet needs
Quick Connect Fittings
Standard quick connect fittings help you attach hoses easily and disconnect quickly.

Easy Pumping
Easy grip handle for comfortable and secure pumping.

Transport Options
Your Sludge Sucker pro is available on either a steel pedestal base or corrosion resistant PVC carrying board. This option allows for enhanced mobility around your work site.



Sludge Sucker Pro Specifications
  • • Capacity: 12GPM @ 60 strokes/minute
  • • Suction Lift: 12’ Vertical or 20’ Horizontal
  • • Discharge Head: 10’ Vertical or 20’ Horizontal
  • • Solids Handling: 1/2” dia. Or 50% by volume

  • • Maximum Liquid Temperature: 140°F (60°C) continuous
    • Pump Body Casing: Polypropylene
  • • Diaphragm: 5” dia. Fabric Reinforced Buna-N
  • • Flapper Valves: Fabric Reinforced Buna-N

  • • Hand pump configuration options: steel base pedestal with vibration dampeners ( standard), E-Z transport PVC board, 25 gallon caddy, 50 gallon manual pump out.

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Sludge Sucker Pro Applications
  • • Meter pit dewatering
  • • Manhole dewatering
  • • Sewage Collection & transfer
  • • Wastewater skimming
  • • Drain clean-out
  • • Deck wash pump

  • • Holding tank pump
  • • Drain clean-out pumps
  • • Utility trunk pump
  • • Yacht shower pump
  • • Emptying livestock water basins
  • • Bilge pump

  • • Sump pump outs
  • • Slurry transfer
  • • Abrasive fluid pumping
  • • Groundwater removal
  • • Oil and grease drum transfer