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Pump Out Waste Caddy

  • Sludge Sucker Pro waste pump
  • 25-50 US gallon tank
  • All hoses and accessories included
  • Financing available

Manual Waste Pump Out Caddy

MSRP Starting at $2,399.99


Waste Pump Caddy
Waste  and septic pump out caddy, standard model.
Compact. Economical. Hard Working. Your Perfect Employee.
Wastecorp's Sludge Sucker brand waste pump out caddy is the most compact pump out system in the Wastecorp honey wagon product line. This system in commonly used at self service marina pump out stations, campgrounds and to empty locomotive holding tanks. Equipped with a Sludge Sucker hand pump, you choose between 1", 1.5" or 2" connection sizes. The entire package includes everything you need to start pumping. Download the fact sheet to learn more.


Rear Mounted Sludge Sucker.
With the marine grade aluminum Sludge Sucker hand pump, your facility will get the waste or septic pumping power you need coupled with the durability Wastecorp Pump Out's are known for.

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Compact Design With Large Inspection Port.

Your pump out caddy features everything you need to start pumping, including universal adapters designed to fit most vessels, locomotive pump out ports and RV's.