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Pump Truck

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  • 2500-5000 gallon tanks available
  • Select from single or double diaphragm pumps
  • Fully galvanized frame and deck
  • Financing available

Featuring Mud Sucker Pump

High Capacity Pump Truck/Trailer Systems.
2000 gallon remediation system
Pump truck style pumper for liquid waste pumping, grease trap cleaning systems, lint trap pumps and septic pumps
Designed to Pump and Store Wastewater, and Almost Any Fluid.
Wastecorp pump truck and trailer systems are designed to be a cost effective solution for facilities looking to own their own pump truck . These professional pump out systems feature up to 7000 gallon tank systems and Mud Sucker diaphragm pump technology. Mud Sucker pumps are known industry wide for their long life cycles, low cost maintenance and advanced pump internals for pumping the toughest waste. Your complete package includes a LED lighting package, air or electric brakes, trailer break-away switch and dually axle trailer

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grout pump materials
Professional Pump Systems
When you have a lot of waste to pump, don't waste time with pumps that can't handle the work load. Mud Sucker diaphragm pumps, an exclusive pump technology from Wastecorp, will provide you with the long term high volume pump solution that you're looking for..

grout pump materials
Galvanized Deck and Frame.

A waste containment system is an investment, just like any other piece of equipment in your fleet. That's why Wastecorp helps you protect your system with a galvanized frame and deck material.


1635 gallon features

Many organizations have decided to own their own affordable Wastecorp septic pump truck system to provide various wastewater, septic and grease trap cleaning services. When the International Red Cross, United Nations Environmental organization, United States government, Canadian government, US military, Canadian miners and paper producers need to pump and contain septic waste, industrial hazardous fluids or remove standing water, they choose Wastecorp high capacity waste containment systems with up to 5000 gallon tanks