Skid Mounted Pump Out Systems

Skid mounted honey wagons and waste collection systems can be used for both wastewater collection, fresh water distribution and fertilizer spraying. For waste collection systems, Wastecorp designs the honey wagon with the patented Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump system. Fertilizer spraying applications use higher pressure pumps for maximum coverage. See the skid mounted variations below:


100 gallon honey wagon
50-100 gallon pump out
50 Gallon +
Designed for lower volume applications or specialty use. Standard model shown. Kits are available for mounting on golf carts, pump out boats and more.

300 gallon collection system
200 gallon pump out
200 Gallon +
May be used for wastewater, waste oil collection, restaurant grease, biodiesel applications and entry level fertilizer spraying. Sizes in this configuration up to 800 gallon tanks.

500 gallon pump out
500 gallon pump out
500 Gallon +
The 500 gallon + model is a popular liquid waste pump out system for convention centers and cruise ship septic servicing.

1000 gallon honey wagon
1000 gallon+ pump out
1000 Gallon +
Applications using this configuration include fresh water distribution, cruise ship pump outs, large event sanitation, waste oil collection, fertilizer spraying and more. Tank sizes are available up to 5000 US gallons.