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containment pump system


A Vac Truck Pump Out That You Keep On Site.

There is now a an economical alternative to hiring a vac truck service to contain waste at your facility: Wastecorp's new professional grade containment systems. Wastecorp's containment pump out systems feature Mud Sucker diaphragm pump technology that are specifically designed to pump waste oil, select chemical spills, wastewater and over 3,000 kinds of slurries and solids.

This system uses a solids handling double diaphragm pump to pump and contain wastewater from any work site. This system is also ideal for soil washing, NORM remediation, groundwater remediation, shale applications, sand, water, drilling mud, ashphaltines and much more.

Mud Sucker Pumps Use Less Energy

Features of the MS trailer mounted professional pump with storage bin
Vacuum trailer pump out system for municipal and industrial waste containment.


  • - Pump up to 160 GPM with the 3" 3B-M-DD
    - Pump up to 220 GPM (max) with the 4" 4B-M-DD
  • - Transfer solids up to 1 5/8” or 50% by volume
  • - Continuous Liquid Temperature up to140°F
  • - Severe duty cast iron pump body and valve chambers

  • - Up to 300' total discharge head horizontal
  • - Up to 75' horizontal suction lift
  • - The 3" model is available with 9 hp gas or diesel engines with electric start
    - The 4" model is available with 11HP; 3600RPM; electric start gas engines or 9HP; 3600RPM diesel engine

  • - Trailer, stationary, trolley, waste containment or skid mounted models available
  • - Santoprene diaphragms for advanced fluid handling applications
  • - Select from five piping configurations for your application

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Max. Pump Performance Range 3" 4"
Capacity (GPM) 160 220
Suction Lift - Vertical (ft) 20 20
Suction Lift - Horizontal (ft) 75 75
Total Discharge Head - Vertical (ft) 50 50
Total Discharge Head - Horizontal (ft) 300 300
Solids Handling/Particle Size (inch) 1.625 1.625
Suspended Solids By Volume 50% 50%
Continuous Liquid Temperature 140°F 140°F
Connection Size (inch) 3 4
Standard Connection Type 150 lb flange 150 lb flange
No. of Diaphragms Duplex Duplex
Materials of Construction    
Diaphragm Size (inch) 13" OD 14 3/4" OD
Diaphragm Thermoplastic Elastomer (Santoprene)
Ball Valve 4.5" dia.
5 1/8" dia.
Clamping Plates Cast iron Cast iron
Pump Body Cast iron Cast iron
Bearing Needle roller Needle roller
Crank Assembly Steel Steel
Valve Chamber/Cover Cast iron Cast iron
Valve Seat Cast iron Cast iron
Pump Rod Steel Steel
Gaskets Buna-N and vegetable fiber Buna-N
Lubrication Alemite Grease Fitting Alemite
Base Steel Steel
Additional Information    
Approx. Pump Weight 1400 lb [635 kg] 1750 lb [795 kg]
(Government or Industrial)
1 year (Extended warranty and service plans
available contact factory)