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WT-1000™ Water Trailer

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  • 1025 gallon fresh water capacity
  • Premium water valves
  • High pressure pump options
  • Financing available

Water Distribution and Fertilizer Spraying

1025 Gallon Capacity


Custom 1025 Gallon Water Trailers
farm and construction site water wagon
Shown: WT-1000 Series water trailer with optional 50 ft. hose reel for stables and horse arenas
The WT-1000 Series is Designed for Your Industry.
With Wastecorp’s WT-1000 Series water trailers, you’ll have a heavy duty method to provide potable or non-potable water to horse arenas, dust control, watering pastures, washing farm equipment and other municipal, commercial and industrial applications. NSF compliant tanks, hose lines and components available for drinking water. This unit includes a 1025 gallon tank with a large fill port and all the accessories you need to provide fresh water where needed. Trailer mounted models feature standard LED lighting, trailer break-away switch and more. Designed by our renowned pump engineers, Wastecorp offers industry specific models with components designed for your needs

  water valve system

Premium Pump and Valve System
At the heart of your water distribution process must be a reliable pump and valve system designed for your needs. You have the choice to select pump sizes and valve configurations to suit the way you use your water trailer.

  water wagon system

Standard Components
Wastecorp's standard hose and accessories bin is engineered with a heavy duty steel welded frame for long term durability. You also have the choice of mounting your hose bin on either the left or right galvanized fender.



Water trailers, water hauler, water wagons and water buffalos that compete with water dog, Magnum and Kiser water trailers. Available worldwide.The WT-1000 Series water wagon features a 1035 gallon tank for potable or non-potable water distribution needs. Also can be used as a nurse trailer for farms and ranches and for fertilizer spraying on university campuses, public parks and more