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WT-1600™ Water Trailer

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  • 1635 gallon potable or non-potable water capacity
  • Triple axle galvanized trailers
  • High pressure pump options
  • Financing available

High volume water delivery

1635 Gallon Capacity


1635 Gallon Water Trailers
govern spec water trailer
Water wagon trailer with rear sprayers shown for an Army Corps. of Engineers application.
High Volume Fresh Water Delivery At Your Service.
Capacity, dependability and quality are hallmarks of the higher capacity
WT-1600 gallon and above water trailers from Wastecorp. Customers using this series water horse arenas, dirt roads, provide temporary potable water services for construction sites, use for Federal/Military potable water delivery and much more. Many other government agencies use this system for a variety of municipal water distribution applications and public works tasks

  water wagon valve system

New Simplified Valve System
The new WT-1600 Series water trailers feature an advanced and simplified valve system designed to improve productivity on site. The high pressure pump system is connected closer to the tank with fewer connections for high performance water delivery.
  water trailer hose bin storage

Standard Components
Your WT-1600 gallon water trailer ships complete with a fire hydrant nozzle, spray system, industrial grade hosing and a heavy duty hose bin to help you stay organized.



Wastecorp water trailers compare with and can replace Kiser, Water Dog and Wylie industrial sprayers and Case AG nurse trailers