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EHPE Series™ Specifications

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Model GPM Head

EHPE-942 187 240
EHPE-943 278 240
EHPE-944 370 240
EHPE-1142 280 170
EHPE-1144 418 170
EHPE-1144 600 170

EHPE Series™ Pump Reviews

Overall Rating 4/5

High Performance 5 Pump Quality 5
Rating for My Application 4 Innovative 5

Sewage Truck Loading Pumps


West, WI
Primary Sewage/tanker loading
Average GPM:
140 GPM

Our city approved the budget to have EHPE Series plunger pumps serve as primary sewage pumps. We had high expectations going in and they were exceeded with your factory support and facility staff training services. Proof that great things are still designed and engineered in America.


Fruit Juice Processing


Alexandria, VA
fruit juice
Average GPM:

Our company operates one of the largest fruit juice processing facilities on the east coast. Using your EHPE plunger pumps to transfer pulp, skins and slurry. We needed something dependable and capable of pumping at a high head. This was a good bet and glad we bought it.


Residential Sewage


Somerset County, MD
Average GPM:

Great pump for higher flow rates. We have been replacing packing more than usual. We don't think the graphite flax is any good, so we're switching to chevron packing. We'll see if it works better.

EHPE Series™ Features

Space saving sewage pump photo

EHPE Series™ Pump Video

EHPE Series™ Model Options

Dual Ball Valve Configuration

Wastecorp's dual ball valve configuration available on all EHPE Series models enable your facility to pump solids concentrations more effectively when above 18%.
  Space saving sludge pump for wastewater treatment plants

Did You Know? Did you know: In Pennsylvania, Wastecorp plunger pumps operate at over 40 facilities including, Exton, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Ambler and more. Contact us to find out about Wastecorp Plunger Pumps in your area

Wastecorp's flagship positive displacement plunger pump line, the EHPE Series, handles the needs of high volume sludge facilities such as sanitary district facilities. These pumps are available in duplex through quadruplex styles. The EHPE series is designed to handle capacities up to 370 GPM against head levels up to 300 feet on a continuous duty basis a Download specs and see technical information below.