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    One drawback to progressive cavity pumps is their inability to tolerate run-dry situations. According to the Water Environment Federation: If a progressive cavity pump runs dry, the pump will be damaged in a matter of minutes." - Pumps and Systems Magazine


Progressive cavity pump


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Progressive Cavity Pumps

  Can run dry prime up to 25 ft Cannot run dry without damage
  Can transfer spherical solids to 1 5/8" Can handle only 5/8" solids on 4" pumps
  Exceptional abrasive handling Abrasive handling and solids handling wears stator & rotor effecting efficiency because of damaged
  Standard Plungers cost $800.00 and lasts years longer than a typical rotor and stator Life cycle is poor and very expensive related to a plunger pump
  Easy removal of debris, and quick access
to interior
Entire pump must be removed from plant piping to remove clog or to replace parts