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Space Saver Series™ Specifications

Documents Space Saver Pump Specs Documents Plunger Pump Brochure  


Number Of Plungers 1 1 1  
Plunger Diameter, In. 7 9 11  
Air Chambers (1) 9x30 (1) 9x30 (1) 9x30  
Connections 4" 125 flgd. 4" 125 flgd. 4" 125 flgd.  
Motor Driver Speed RPM 1800 1800 1800  
Max. Strokes p/min. 42-62 50 50  
Max. Strokes lgth./in. 5.75 6.56 6.56  
Number of Pin Positions 12 11 11  
Suction Lift ft. 20 20 20  
Max. Total Head 100 150 110  
Max. Cap. US GPM 60 88 135  
Ecc. dia. in. 8 10 10  
Ecc. shaft ten. strgth. 160,000 160,000 160,000  
Approx. wght. less driver 400 600 800  

Space Saver Series™Pump Reviews

Overall Rating 4/5

High Performance 5 Pump Quality 5
Rating for My Application 4 Innovative 5

Primary Sewage Pumps


Knoxville, TN
Primary Sewage Transfer
Average GPM:
65 GPM

Our WWTP has faced some budget cuts over the last few years and we needed new primary sewage pumps. The Space Saver didn't require any additional piping or need for extra contractor work. The pumps run like a Cadillac and we appreciate the service as well.


Raw Sewage Treatment


Columbus, OH
digester sewage
Average GPM:

Our STP struggled with Penn Valley pumps for years. If it wasn't one maintenance problem it was another. We finally bit the bullet and replaced them with Space Saver II plunger pumps and love them. Just like our older pumps but with better materials and shafts.


Beef Processing Slurry


Palestine, TX
beef waste residual
Average GPM:

Excellent system for pumping waste slurry, blood and fats at our food processing facility. We ended up ordering your pump at the Food Process Expo last fall and have no complaints.

Space Saver Series™ Features

Space saving sewage pump photo

Space Saver Series™ Pump Video

Space Saver Series™ Series Model Options

All New Space Saver II

The Space Saver II pump is directly driven from the gear box eliminating the need for stanchion support. You'll save between 20-30% on your parts and installation budget since there is no need for a concrete base.
  Space saving sludge pump for wastewater treatment plants
Space Saver I

Pump up to 135 GPM with the Space Saver sewage pump series. This pump features the traditional popular design available in 7"-9" plunger sizes.
  Space saver sewage

Did You Know? The Space Saver is an ideal alternative to Moyno® and Penn Valley® pumps. These progressive cavity, rotary lobe and double disc pumps have similar piping configurations.