Pulp and Paper Pumps

Wastecorp manufactures paper stock pumps, process pumps, fan pumps and sludge pumps for pulp and paper industry applications.

Due to harsh pumping conditions generally found in the pulp and paper industry, Wastecorp pump products are designed with premium impellers, seals and packing. We make maintenance easy with back pullout engineering and adjustable wear plate carriers on our self priming centrifugal line.

Digester Pumps »View our high volume ANSI, WIS Series circulation pumps with high operating  temperature capabilities.

Fan Pumps »See our Turbo Flow WSD single stage double suction pumps feed hydraulic head boxes.

Effluent Sump Pumps »Pumps designed for leaching processes and pumping corrosive fluids.

Log Washing Pumps »A variety of trash and chopper pump available for log washing processes.

Paper Making Process Pumps »Pumps available for white water, starch and liquor solutions Available in cast iron and stainless steel.

Wastewater and Slurry Handling »A wide variety of pumps available for mineral processing applications.



Suggested Products for Pulp and Paper Applications


Walking Beam Diaphragm Pump
  water circulation pumps   Split case water process pumps
Pulp Waste Transfer Pumps
The Mud Sucker Diaphragm Pump Series provides severe duty pumping services as needed
  Circulation Pumps
High volume water transfer pumps up to 12,000 GPM
  Split Case Pumps
Move water up to 61,000 GPM with our advanced split case pumps for mining applications
3FA Mud Sucker Pump   Process Pumps   trash pump
Abrasive Material Pumps
Our professional pump series is designed for pumping abrasive materials
  Process Pumps
Wastecorp chemical process pumps move fluids up to 12,500 GPM.
  Trash Pumps
Heavy duty wastewater handling pumps with up to 6300 GPM





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pulp and paper process pumps for wastewater and slurry applications. de papel e celulose bombas de processo para aplicações de águas residuais e resíduos. Zellstoff-und Papierindustrie Prozesspumpen für Abwasser und Schlämmen. 紙漿和造紙過程中的廢水和泥漿的泵。celulozowy i papierniczy Pompy procesowe dla ścieków i gnojowicy zastosowań. Massa-ja paperiteollisuuden prosessi pumput jäteveden ja lietteen sovelluksia. цэлюлозна-папяровы працэс помпаў для сцёкавых вод і шлама прыкладанняў. Did you know? Wastecorp supplies pumping equipment for the following paper mills International Paper Co. pumps, pumps for Weyerhaeuser pump mills, pump supplier to Georgia-Pacific, Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. MeadWestvaco Boise Cascade Temple-Inland, Abitibi-Consolidated, Domtar, Sonoco Products, Bowater, Canfor, Tembec, Cascades Group, Graphic Packaging Corp. Packaging Corp. of America, Rock-Tenn, Catalyst Paper, NewPage ,Potlatch, Wausau Paper, Appleton Paper Co., Longview Fibre, Caraustar Industries, and Pope & Talbot., Kimberly-Clark, Procter and Gamble, Kruger, Stora Enzo and SAPPI, versamatic pump