Gulper pump suction accessory

The Gulper Pump Suction Tool Helps You Take Control of Your Waste Clean-Up
The Gulperâ„¢ is a severe duty aluminum suction attachment that assists in larger clean ups after rain storms, spills or accidents. The Gulper has previously been available exclusively to the military and public transportation authorities for subway and railway pumping operations. Now, hotel resorts, industrial manufacturing facilities, theme parks and more find this tool valuable for emergency clean ups no matter how tough the job. Plus, employees enjoy minimal contact with dangerous fluids.
Transfer Most Fluids, Almost Any Kind of Debris Laden Liquid

The Gulper can transfer almost anything including stones, brick, sticks, industrial fluids, sewage and more, helping you to sanitise and remove standing wastewater quickly. With its heavy duty aluminum construction, the Gulper can withstand constant use when and where you need it.

the head of the gulper
Check Valve
The heavy duty check valve prevents back-flow and improves suction for quick and sanitary fluid transfer.

the connection of the gulper
Connects to 1½"-3" Hoses
The Gulper connects to most common hose sizes with a quick-connect secure seal. Specify your hose size upon ordering.

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The Gulper
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