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Universal PRO RV Compression Adapter
  • Part # 64304-00
  • Wastecorp’s universal sewer adapter forms a strong seal around many camper and RV sewer adapters. Includes a male camlock to connect to your hose. Read more...

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    RV Sewer adapter package

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    Universal RV Twist-Lock Connector
  • Part # 64042-00
  • The RV twist lock-four clamp adapter is specifically designed to connect to all Valterra, Grentec, Anonda and Thetford lug systems. The 2″ NPT x 4 point Bayonet hook design easily fits most sewer connections.
      Universal twist on adapter
    RV twist lock sewer adapter

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      How to topics: Locating and Attaching Your RV Pump Out Tool

    Turn off RV   Step 1:
    Stop vehicle and prepare lines for pump out.
      Open discharge door   Step 2:
    Open door or sewer connection cap carefully before attaching connection.
    Inspect sewer outlet   Step 3:
    Inspect connection carefully for corrosion or wear.*
      How to connect   Step 4:
    Securely fasten the sewer adapter to your connection.
    * Wastecorp does not advise using sewer adapter if your connection area is corroded. Consult vehicle owners
    manual or replace corroded area before using.

  • See Wastecorp's blog post about the universal sewer adapter.
  • Did you know? In Elkhart, Indiana, three recreational vehicle manufacturers
    specify Wastecorp's universal rv adapter as standard pump out
    equipment for new rv's.