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  Solids handling impeller Premium Solids Handling Impellers
Depending on your pump model, the TFCC can transfer up to 3" (75mm) solids. A variety of impeller trim options are available.
  Abrasion-resistant seal assembly Extended Life Mechanical Seals
Wastecorp's tungsten titanium carbide mechanical seals are designed for the harsh pumping conditions in today's municipal and industrial solids handling jobs.
  Easy inspection of rotating assembly without piping removal Easily Inspect The Rotating Assembly
Like most Trash-Flow's, the TFCC features a rear pull out design which facilitates easy inspection of the pump shafts without disturbing piping. Simply slide it out for inspection.
  Removable cover plate Easily remove cover for easy clean out
Removing debris has never been easier with the the Trash-Flow's standard removable cover. You can also inspect impellers and seals with minimal effort.
    Interchangeable With Most Brands
If you are the owner of a Gorman Rupp, Vaughn, Pioneer or other self priming centrifugal pump make, you can directly replace most of these models with the Wastecorp Trash Flow.


Your Facility and a Trash Flow® Pump

With its large volute design and superior re-priming capabilities, this Trash Flow series is designed for municipal and industrial solids handling up to 3" (76 mm). Plus, pump models are available with stainless steel internals for food processing applications. Request a quote below or contact a Wastecorp Trash Flow representative at 1-888-829-2783 (USA and Canada) or 201-445-2882 (worldwide)

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