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Patented Adjustable Wear Plate Carrier
This unique design allows precise adjustment of impeller
to wear ring tolerance. The external jack screws allow the carrier to shift and lock in any predetermined horizontal direction. This design reduces maintenance costs and can improve overall pump
efficiency without shimming or wear plate replacement.
Unique Axial Rib Design
Axial ribs located on the inner stuffing box, prevent
entrapment of solids and vapor near the mechanical seal. This feature improves flow within the chamber
and eliminates dry running failure, resulting in extended pump and seal life.
Solids Handling Impeller
Concentrically designed and computer balanced impellers
are engineered to pass solids in excess of 50% of the inlet hole. A variety of chopper and high efficiency impellers are also available to meet your specific requirements.
Enlarged Bearing Housing
The oversized bearing housing gives unsurpassed shaft
support, reducing roller bearing fatigue. It is equipped
with well positioned drain points and oiler connection,
in addition to a unique domed sight glass that permits
visual observation of the oil level in the casing. Rear Pump Out Vanes Rear pump out vanes greatly reduce axial thrust and pressure on seal and bearings, resulting in a virtual elimination of radial loads, which effectively increases pump performance and overall efficiency.
Quick Clean Design
The back-pull design allows for removal of full rotation
assembly without disturbing plumbing. It also permits
replacement of wear plate and access for casing
Enlarged Clean Out Port
Large sized clean out holes allow for inspection of inner
casing by a simple twist of the hand knobs (no special
tools required).
Corrosion Resistant Roller Bearings
The oversized ball bearings are oil lubricated, requiring
no external cooling and are designed to operate for a
MINIMUM of 120,000 hours without replacement.
Replaceable Suction Flapper
The heavy duty flapper valve is easily accessible for general inspection, without the need for special tooling
or pipe disruption, through the twist of hand knobs.
Flanged Gauge Connections
Standard gauge connections in accordance with ANSI
standards allow for recording and monitoring suction
and discharge pressures with the use of Wastecorp's
selection of optional Ashcroft® Pressure Gauges.
Corrosion Resistant Casing
All Trash Flow® pumps are designed with thick walled casings to withstand abrasive sludge and slurries. Most models are available in a variety of castable materials, although generally supplied in cast and ductile iron.

Why Select a Wastecorp Trash Flow® Pump?

As an OEM pump manufacturer, Wastecorp takes pride in manufacturing pumps designed for heavy use applications and long life cycles. Wastecorp Trash Flow features are among the industry's finest with warranty programs that provide the peace of mind that we stand behind our product.

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