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  • 1000 gallon tank
  • 8-13 hp
  • 92-180 CFM power

High Volume Vacuum Pumps

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TVP-1000™ Vacuum Pump Specs

Performance Range

Max. Capacity (GPM)
200 GPM
Max. Suc. Lift (ft)
25 ft
Max. Dis. Head (ft)
30 ft
Max. Suc. Dist.
3000 ft
Max. Dis. Dist.(ft)
3000 ft

Vacuum System Specifications

Pump Brand
Super Duty® TVP-1000 Series™
Part No.
Intake Connection
2" NPT
Discharge Connection
Pump and Motor
8-13 HP, 92-180 CFM
Waste Tank
1000 Gallons
Waste Tank Finish
Powder coat white or hot dipped galv. tank
30 ft. intake hose assembly

Approximate dimensions

Tank Diameter
Empty Weight
2800 lbs


1-year limited warranty (Contact Wastecorp Pumps for warranty details)

TVP-1000™ Series Reviews

Overall Rating 4/5

High Performance 5 Pump Quality 3
Rating for My Application 2 Innovative 5

Power Plant Vacuum Pump


Fort Myers, FL
Septic Tank Cleaning
Average GPM:

TVP-1000 from Wastecorp was bought in November of this year. We use it during the high tourist season when tourist traffic is high. Not one use only really. We pump out everything from boats, mega yachts, fishing vessels and restaurant fryer oil. Nice smooth operation. Runs great.


Prison Pump Out System


Montpelier, VT
Pump House
Average GPM:

We have a contract to pump out federal penitentiary, local correctional institution and some other government buildings. We use it primarily for waste trap grease and works like a charm. Also using it for flood control and back up septic pump outs for the jails. Good system.


MASS DEP Pump Out Contract


South Boston, MA
Septic Pumping
Average GPM:

Truthfully the TVP-1000 travels around the State quite a bit and have asked the operators what they are using it for because I'm not sure. They said when there is an oil spill or a  bus depot maintenance garage needs to pump out old coolant and oil they bring in the TVP. No complaints from our operators on your system.

TVP-1000™ Series Optional Configurations

Tilt-n-go vacuum trailer

TVP-1000™ Tilt-N-Go™

Automatically Tilt Your Tank

If extracting 99.9% of fluid in your tank is critical for your application, then the Tilt-N-Go is for you. It also provides for easier cleaning of the tank.

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Dual vacuum tank

TVP-1000™ Auxillary Tank

Two Tank Vacuum Pump System

If your facility requires pumping services without interruption, then the Super Duty dual tank system is the way to go. When one tank is full, fluid is diverted to the  empty tank. Ideal for power generation plants and public utilities.

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TVP-1000™ Skid Mounted

Skid Mounted Model

The TVP-1000 is available in skid mounted models. Select from powder coated white, stainless steel or galvanized.

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TVP-1000™ Storage Bins

Custom Designed Storage

Store hoses and accessories in two hose bins mounted directly on the fenders.

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TVP-1000™ Series Accessories

Recommended Accessories

vacuum pump access hatch
Access Hatch

Call to order

Easily access tank interior with an optional access hatch.

suction hose
Potty Wand


Pump out portable toilets or waste drums without contacting the fluid.

discharge hose
Tank Level Indicator

Call to order

Provides approximate reading of waste or water level in tank.

Dual Tank Configuration
Dual Compartment

Call to order

Provides a waste compartment and a fresh water compartment within the same tank.

Basic spare parts kit
Tank Options

Call to order

Select from powder coated white, stainless steel or galvanized. Stainless and galvanized may result in extended lead times and pricing differences.

Tilt-n-go vacuum pump trailer

Call to order

With The Tilt-N-Go vacuum tank, tilt  the press of a button allows you to completely drain the tank quickly.


TVP-1000™ Series Features

500 gallon honey wagon waste containment system for septic waste, waste oil and industrial fluid containment

TVP-1000 Series Vacuum Pump. High Capacity. Strong Suction.

If you're pumping out coolant, septic waste, fryer oil or used motor oil, the TVP-1000 Series is worth considering. This high capacity vacuum pump system can transfer fluids containing some solids and thick fluid up to 3000 ft. Plus if you have a food processing application we can manufacture your system with a stainless steel or galvanized tank. All this from an ISO 9001 certified vacuum pump manufacturer.

Wastecorp Quality.