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  • 200 gallon tank
  • 92-180 CFM
  • Trolley or skid mounted available

High Suction Vacuum Pump Technology

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TVP-200™ Vacuum Pump Specs

Performance Range

Max. Capacity (GPM)
60 GPM
Max. Suc. Lift (ft)
25 ft
Max. Dis. Head (ft)
30 ft
Max. Suc. Dist.
1200 ft
Max. Dis. Dist.(ft)
1500 ft

Vacuum System Specifications

Pump Brand
Super Duty® TVP-200 Series™
Part No.
Intake Connection
Discharge Connection
92 - 180 CFM
8-13 hp
Waste Tank
200 Gallons
Waste Tank Finish
Powder coat white or hot dipped galv. tank
2" NPT Intake & 3" Discharge w/ motorized ball valve
30 ft. intake hose assembly

Approximate dimensions

Tank Diameter
Empty Weight
900 lbs


1-year limited warranty (Contact Wastecorp Pumps for warranty details)

TVP-200™ Series Reviews

Overall Rating 4/5

High Performance 5 Pump Quality 3
Rating for My Application 2 Innovative 5

Wastewater Vacuum Pump

Pump Boys

Pittsburgh, PA PW
Public works pumping
Average GPM:

Our public utility has a few of these vacuum pumps and a number of diaphragm pumps from Wastecorp. They have been in business for a long time. Anytime anything went wrong they tried to make it right. Well trained tech support people for sure. This TVP-200 wouldbe better with a touch screen, to make it easier to use.


Septic Vac Pump Service


Toronto, ON
Septic Pumper
Average GPM:

An ISO 9001 pump manufacturer was important to me when selecting a new vacuum pump. One of the reasons I went with Wastecorp for my system. We have been using this for about six months when they asked us for their review. Works really good so far. I like how easy it is to train new employees on the control panel and they have tech support if we have questions.


Waste Trap Grease Pumper


Arlington, TX
Waste Trap Grease Pumping
Average GPM:

Called up Wastecorp because we have worked with them for years on pump applications. My new business is grease trap pumping and they set me up with their TVP-200. My crew pumps out about 20 restaurants a day with fryer oil and I like the reliability. Easy to use.

TVP-200™ Series Optional Configurations

Tilt-n-go vacuum trailer

TVP-200™ ATV Package

Vacuum Pumping On The Move

If you have access to an ATV vehicle like a Gator, Polaris, Kawasaki or equal, then you can have a compact vacuum pumping system for your facility. Simply attach the 2" ball hitch to your ATV and take your pump out with you.

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Dual vacuum tank

TVP-200™ Trailer Mounted

Trailer Mounted Vacuum Pump

For towing with a truck or car, the TVP-200 is available in off road or DOT compliant models.

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TVP-200™ Stationary (Skid)

Skid Mounted Model

This is our standard model capable of mounting on a concrete base, truck bed or box truck.

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TVP™ Vacuum Pump Storage Bins

Custom Designed Storage

Store hoses and accessories in two hose bins mounted directly on the unit.

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TVP-200™ Series Video

TVP-200™ Series Features

500 gallon honey wagon waste containment system for septic waste, waste oil and industrial fluid containment

Wastecorp's Super Duty Brand TVP-200 Series Vacuum Pump. Serious Power.

If you're pumping waste trap grease, septic sewage or general wastewater, take a close look at the TVP-200 vacuum pumps. With a 200 gallon waste tank you will have enough capacity to handle medium jobs all day long at a comptetive price point. Plus, you get a custom control panel, 30 ft. of heavy duty hose and your choice of stationary, trailer mounted, or ATV trolley mount configurations. Conatct a vacuum pump expert at 1-888-829-2783.

Wastecorp Quality.