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  • Vacuum pump introduction
  • 200 gallon waste tank 100 gallon water tank
  • 300 gallon waste tank, 150 gallon water tank
  • Vacuum pumps that automatically tilt to empty waste and clean tanks
  • TVP-540-260 Vacuum Pump


Why not have the best of both worlds with a waste tank and fresh water source all in the same system? In this innovative design, the tank is divided between waste and fresh water holding areas complete with their own pump. You also have a standard sight glass/tube on each to visually identify the volume in each tank. Select from 100,150, 200 and 260 gallon fresh water compartments.


Water and waste tank features

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how a double diaphragm pump works

  Water plus waste  

A vacuum pump system with a combined 200 gallon waste tank and a 100 gallon water tanks. Both compartments are enclosed within the same tank. Each compartment has its own pump. A high pressure water pump for wash down services and a heavy duty vacuum pump to suck up waste.








The TVP-300-150 vacuum pump system combines a 300 gallon waste tank compartment with a 150 gallon fresh water compartment all enclosed in the same tank. Select from 8-13 hp motors based on your application and needs and between 92-180 CFM vacuum power.





For higher capacity pumping requirements, the TVP-400-200 includes a 400 gallon waste compartment with a 200 gallon fresh water compartment all enclosed within the same tank. Select from stationary or trailer mounted models with packages like DOT compliant, which allows you to haul your Super Duty on public roads.



For the ultimate in waste pumping, plus fresh water access, the TVP-540-260 is our highest capacity vacuum pump system

With this Series, you get a 540 gallon waste tank compartment with an 260 gallon water compartment. These compartments are all enclosed in the same tank. Tank finishes include powder coated, galvanized, or stainless steel.




  • Pump up to 200 GPM
    Motors from 8-13 hp
  • CFM from 92-180
  • Dual compartment tank
  • Powder coated, galvanized or stainless tanks

  • DOT compliant models available
  • Stationary models available
  • 30 ft. non-collapsible hoses available
  • Optional accessories available
  • Models range from 1150 lbs -2900 lbs (empty)

  • Made in the USA and Canada
  • Wastecorp is an ISO 9001 and 14001 pump manufacturer
  • Heavy duty, industrial rated design

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Are you looking for a trailer mounted or stationary vacuum pump?
Do you need a waste tank only or a fresh water tank too? How about
Control panel options? At Wastecorp we provide your vacuum pump
proposal based on your input. You tell us how you use pumping equipment
and we put together the right system based on you needs and budget.

Contact a Wastecorp vacuum pump manufacturing specialist to get the
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